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Our contributors are not professional writers or film makers, but ordinary people working the deer industry. Content also comes from part-time professionals and keen amateurs who are passionate about deer stalking and rifle hunting.

The knowledge base pulls together a library of information-based articles that have featured in Deer Stalking UK magazine, alongside useful guides to key species and topics.

This is just the start and hopefully as time goes on and more people get involved we can become the go-to destination for anyone looking for advice and knowledge relating to deer stalking and other rifle hunting.

DSUK talks to Claus the man behind Viper-flex Quad sticks

The Deer Stalker

A Short film about deer stalking, made by media students.

The Joys of Guided Stalking

As someone that enjoys many different aspects of shooting, I find managing my time very difficult, especially with a family of young children. I am lucky enough to have my own ground with Roe and Muntjac, but i find it difficult to give the ground the attention it...

Deer Feeding

Drawing on 38 years of experience managing deer in a wide range of contexts, Callum Thomson discusses the complex business of feeding. Covering the advantages of feeding and balancing requirements with economics, Callum gives lots of practical advice based on his own tried and tested systems.

Selling Venison “A Guide”

A number of recent discussions and presentations have highlighted the confusion over game meat laws. Although it has been 7 years since the overhaul of game meat and game dealing rules many people are still not aware of the regulations as they currently stand. Well...

UK Deer Trophy Measurement Guidelines

UK Deer Trophy Measurement Guidelines What is, or what makes a deer trophy? A trophy can contain a huge amount of personal memories. Memories of the landscape, the weather on a particular day, the stalk and shot itself or for many, memories of the individual animal if...

Chinese Water Deer ( Hydropotes inermis )

Common name – Chinese water deer Latin name – Hydropotes inermis History Estimates suggest the UK’s population of Chinese water deer represents some 10% of the world’s total of this small, primitive deer with bucks having tusks, rather than antlers.  Introduced to...


Deer Stalking UK Knowledge is creating a comprehensive library of information-based articles and guides to put together the key information that deer stalkers and rifle hunters will find useful. All in one place.

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