Firearms and the Law

Dead Cert: What All FAC Holders Need to Know

Having your firearms certificate revoked is easier than you might think. Helena Venables finds out what all FAC holders need to know… Getting a firearm certificate (FAC) is, perhaps rightly, not an easy task. Forms must be completed, referees sought, medical problems admitted, previous convictions disclosed, security inspections made, conditions agreed and reasons for acquiring firearms given. Once you are in possession of your certificate revocation will be the last thing on your mind. But doing something that may lead to the loss of your FAC is pretty easy. If you argue with your partner, have one too many...

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Trapping the Poachers

Trapping the poachers  Deer poaching is a serious issue for gamekeepers and farmers. Here Duncan Thomas runs through some ways you can be pro-active in helping to tackle this rural crime. I would arrive in the office early on a Monday morning to find the answerphone flashing like a beacon. As a full-time Wildlife Crime Officer (WCO) for Lancashire Police I never really knew what messages would be recorded.  Anything from, “I have a jackdaw nesting in my chimney, can I shoot it?” To, “I’ve heard developers are planning to build on the field behind the house – where...

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