The Pressure of Guiding for a Guide

Can Chris Rogers deliver under the pressure of guiding for professional hunter Chris Bilkey, as they seek two good bucks in just two days?  After being deer manager on the Euston estate for the past eleven-and-a-half years things run fairly smoothly and consistently year on year. Every year has its slight variations and highlights, be it a memorable stalk, client, trophy or the weather. This roe buck season, which we are now just about finishing (at the end of August 2016) has been memorable for two reasons. Firstly, it’s been extremely wet! I can’t remember a wetter roe buck season...

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Muntjac – Menace or Magic?

Muntjac –  like them or loathe them – they are here to stay! Most of us can’t help but be impressed with this little deer, brought over to England as specimens for the few remaining grand deer parks. Several collectors kept different species of muntjac but Woburn Abbey Deer Park is the best known for keeping a collection, along with some 40 other deer species. The Reeves muntjac (Muntiacus reeves) or Chinese muntjac, were named after John Russell Reeves who worked for the British East India Company in Canton and organised their transport back to the UK. They have...

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