WMS has an unbeatable reputation as the leading private rifle shooting instruction provider in the UK. We offer safe, enjoyable and challenging rifle training for both private and professional clients.

Run by Andrew Venables, one of the UK’s most renowned rifle shooting instructors, WMS provides tuition for novices, seasoned stalkers, target shooters, or a hunters wanting to prepare for that trip of a lifetime.

Andrew’s philosophy is to empower people to shoot accurately, safely and humanely and his knowledge and expertise enables clients to achieve their shooting goals, build confidence and learn throughout the day.

In addition to providing instruction for private clients WMS also offers professional firearms competency training for police constabularies, zoos and wildlife parks and UK government departments.

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Andrew Venables, owner of WMS Firearms Training, is one of the UK’s best-respected rifle shooting instructors and the first non-German member of the Blaser Academy, set up to empower rifle shooters to become the best shots they can be. He started shooting when he was eight years old and as an adult began working in pest control. He then moved into wildlife management for NGOs, zoos and wildlife parks, started training their staff and moved on train police rifle instructors and officers for large mammal despatch duties. Today Andrew also regularly trains private clients from beginners to seasoned stalkers and hunters. Run by Andrew and his wife Helena, WMS also provides corporate days for companies in the shooting industry wanting to showcase their products and this year has hosted Blaser Germany, Blaser UK, Leica, Minox and Swarovski. WMS has multiple training sites over 10,000 acres in the Elan Valley area of mid Wales which provide hugely varied shooting over complex topography with challenging wind conditions and inclines. It is currently developing a new area, which will feature natural coloured targets and challenging arcs of fire up hill and down dale, all with superb mountain backstops.

For more information see www.wmsfirearmstraining.com

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